Twitch Streaming for Beginners

Most internet users have heard about Twitch and those who have dug a little deeper to know about this platform will have gathered info that some streamers make thousands and others millions from their streams. With most people always on the lookout for new hustles to earn some money on the side, Twitch streaming thereby becomes a lucrative and appealing proposition.

For those who would love to try out Twitch hence see if they can become the next big Twitch streamer, in this article, we share all that’s required to get started.

A Twitch Account

To become a Twitch streamer, you need to have a Twitch account. Getting the account is quite easy. Start by launching the official site and once it loads, check for the Community Guidelines link to read what is permitted and what is not on the platform. If you agree with the fine print, then proceed to create your account. In creating your account, you will need to share your mobile phone number, email address, and date of birth and you also need to choose your security credentials (username and password).

Choose your Preferred Broadcasting Software

Twitch is currently designing its broadcasting software, Twitch Studio. The software however is still in beta mode hence streamers are recommended to go for more established broadcasting software. The software is only for streamers using either desktop or laptop computers. In choosing the software, streamers can either go for the free or premium software. Each comes with its own advantages hence depending on how one views free or premium broadcasting software, they should go for what they desire the most. Note that for monetization purposes, it’s the premium software which is highly recommended. Top streamers like EliaSN97 use such software and it enables their fans to record eliasn97 broadcasts. This means when they miss out on a live broadcast, they can always return to relieve all the action they missed.

Gather All the Streaming Equipment

The last major ingredient to kickstart your streaming adventure is to put in place the streaming equipment. When put this way, it may sound like you need to break the bank to get all the necessary equipment.

Alas, that’s not the case. What you need is a desktop or laptop computer (or even a smartphone if you aren’t a gaming streamer), a mic and a webcam. If you have a desktop computer, that is the most recommended device to use but if you don’t, then a laptop is good to go considering it meets Twitch’s minimum specs of Windows 7 or newer with at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor and 8GB of RAM.

To ensure that your streams are of the best quality, you also need to mic up a good pair of headsets or headphones which offer audible sound. Audible audio commentary helps showcase your personality hence winning the hearts of many fans. You also need a webcam which broadcasts live all your reactions as this is what most fans are after – your real and live reactions.

After you have established yourself as a top streamer, then you can proceed to source additional streaming gear. They may entail the use of better lighting, a green screen or a capture card.