SkyTrak and Trackman 4 – a comparative study

The most commonly used launch monitors at home are SkyTrak and Trackman 4. This comparative study will help us decide on the suitable model to purchase for our use. Do get the best skytrak golf simulator from here.


Launched in 2014 SkyTrak has consistently been voted by Golf Digest as the best launch monitor value on the market. It has a long history of being an affordable tool to help improve your game.

it uses high-speed cameras to measure ball flight data. It will measure the ball speed, and launch angle. It will spin in the initial stages of flight, which in turn helps to calculate club speed, carry distance, and roll distance as well as shot shape and distance offline.

It costs roughly $2000; it gives the data that you need to improve.

Trackman 4 Overview

Trackman 4 was launched in 2015 and is widely used. launch monitors in sports, in addition to golf it is also used in Major League Baseball and the National Football League to trackball data.

Priced at $19,000, it is extremely accurate. The Trackman 4 has the best radar systems on the market. Trackman uses a dual doppler system to help it read the ball and club as they come through impact.

It has about 40 data parameters It can read speed, launch, and spin, to club face angle, club path, and dynamic loft.


Skytrak and Trackman 4 have similar uses in golf though there is a large price variation

Though Skytrak is 1/10th of the rate of Trackman, it has been proven to be 97% as accurate as Trackman.

SkyTrak sits beside the golf ball and only needs a few inches to get an accurate reading, as it requires minimal space. Whereas Trackman needs almost 25 feet to read indoors accurately, so can be used only in a spacious area like a garage.

For outdoor use, the Trackman is better as it uses the doppler system and doesn’t. get distracted by the sun or sand blocking its view. SkyTrak can be used outdoors, but better indoors.

When analyzing data, SkyTark is sufficient with ball speed, club speed, launch angle, spin rates, and all the distance numbers. The Trackman tracks all measurable except that of club deflection.


While both of these products can have similar uses, they cater to different market segments. SkyTrak is the basic, affordable launch monitor, that can be used with limited space indoors.

The Trackman 4 is a high-end portable launch monitor used mainly by touring and teaching professionals and sophisticated indoor golf facilities.

The Trackman 4 is considered a awesome product. In absence of a good instructor to guide you with the game, or upgrade your software and computer, you can enjoy with SkyTark.