Footy’s back!: why you should definitely join a club in 2023

AFL, or footy, is the great Australian game. Sure, we might love our basketball, cricket, rugby (aka not footy), soccer and a mass of other sports that make our nation such an athletic powerhouse, but footy was created right here on our very paddocks!

What’s more, it’s just one of the most enjoyable sports going around, so if you’ve been thinking about joining a team for the 2023 season, head to an AFL shop online, grab some quality merch and start practising.

Here are a few tip top reasons to start playing and join a club:

  1. It keeps your fitness seriously in check

Footy is one of the most athletic sports out there, and anyone who has played at any level – whether it be amateurs, semi-professional or in the league itself – will happily attest to the sport’s relentless fitness requirements.

To be able to play a whole game you have to have a high level of cardio and endurance, and this can only be done through regular training – whether it be at the club, in your own time or both – so you can trust that playing this sport with your local club is a great way to keep your fitness undeniably in check.

  1. It develops essential skills

There are many skills that a great Aussie Rules player needs to be at the top of their game: agility, awareness, power, speed, strength – the list goes on. And, like any essential skill, you could have a natural ability for it but this can only go so far, as these are skills that need to be developed and nurtured.

And, what’s more, having these essential skills as part of your gameplay is another great benefit for your health and everyday life, ensuring you can take them from the pitch into other situations that may require them.

  1. It builds your teamwork abilities

The ability to work well in a team is an essential element of daily life. Both social and professional relationships require teamwork to function and work efficiently. Well, playing a team sport such as Aussie Rules is one of the ultimate ways to develop this skill.

You’ll be out there, working alongside your 17 other teammates, trying to reach that all-important goal. Therefore, playing this sport reflects how it is to work in a team in daily life, working together to reach a common goal. This undeniable life skill is essential for success in nearly everything you do, and footy’s a great way to develop it!

  1. It’s social!

Once you’ve been to a quality AFL shop online and grabbed some top notch merch, you’ll see that playing a team sport is undoubtedly one of the best ways to meet new people and make an awesome group of mates. The feeling of mateship and comradery at the local club is one of the best things about playing the great Aussie game, with training, the game itself and club functions all part of a fantastic social situation that everyone can enjoy.

  1. Boost self-esteem

The pandemic took its toll on a lot of people’s self-esteem, and now that Australia is finally stepping out of its lingering shadow, there has never been a better time to boost some self-confidence that may have been lost all that time spent indoors on cold winter days!

Footy – like other team sports – is a fantastic way to boost self-esteem, especially when you see your skills and health developing like never before. It’s for these reasons that playing the great Aussie game is one of the best things you’ll do for yourself in many years…