6 Incredible Online Ludo Game Facts You Didn’t Know

The popularity of the game Ludo has returned in the era of smartphones. It has come to light that adults also enjoy playing this game, which is known as the best board game for young children. Online Ludo games have become incredibly popular in recent years. Today millions of kids and adults play online ludo.

It’s thought that India is where the original ludo board first appeared. Varied regions of the world have slightly different rules and ways of playing it. We may finally form a more significant entity as the online ludo community becomes more established. Even if we all adore the game, only a few know its unique details. There are a lot of fascinating and amazing facts concerning online Ludo games that we did not previously know. Discover some fantastic Ludo facts by reading on.

Six facts about the online ludo board game you might not be aware of:

  1. Ludo was created in India: Before Ludo became one of the most popular indoor games of our childhood and a later internet gaming phenomenon, it was a game enjoyed by the Indian monarchy and nobility. The game of Ludo has been represented and played in several early versions in India. These references and representations of the contemporary board game demonstrate that Ludo has its roots in India. Millions of kids and adults have played the Ludo game at some point in their lives today.
  2. It Used To Be Known As Pachisi: This board game was Pachisi when Ludo was played there. The game was nearly identical to the board game Ludo played online today. The word “pachisi” is derived from the Hindi word “pachchis,” which means “25.” In this variation of Ludo, a player could only throw for a score of twenty-five.
  3. Played and Adapted Around the World: The Ludo game has become popular and is one of the best online fun game. With slightly varying rules, the game was invented by numerous cultures and countries. The fundamental laws of the Ludo game were still in place, though. Everyone adored this beautiful and thrilling game, from the British to the Vietnamese.
  4. The ludo dice online roll Is random: Many online Ludo players think that certain combinations are pre-programmed into the digital dice. This is a pure myth, in actuality. The dies used in the online Ludo game are random and algorithm-driven. Each throw of the dice in an online game of Ludo is unpredictable.
  5. Ludo online is a game of strategy, not chance: The dice roll in online Ludo is indeed determined by your luck. The ludo game, on the other hand, is based more on strategy than luck. Online ludo players influence how their pieces move because the dice are rolled randomly.
  6. Play online ludo immediately on online ludo apps: Without a question, one of the most exciting ways to pass the time is by playing the Ludo game. Additionally, enthusiasm transforms into a thrill when you get the chance to compete against the top players in the world.